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Friday, September 17, 2010

Every Second Counts
By Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong had cancer and an internal conflict he has to deal with is the chance of his cancer coming back. He has to worry every day about the chance of it coming back. If it comes back, then he has a very low chance to survive. That is a major internal conflict that he has to deal with every day until his 5 year anniversary. It is a very hard thing and he just tries to ride and be with his family. That is the way to he copes with his internal conflict. The major external conflict was the drug scandals that Armstrong was supposedly involved in. He was forced to take urine samples and blood work and even though the results came back negative, the media still made his life miserable because there was always a media person taking pictures and printing stories that weren't true. It is a very hard conflict that he has to deal with and he just sticks by his family and gets through it. I agree that he should stick by his family and friends to get through things because that is the best way to get through hardships.

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