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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mentor Leader
by Tony Dungy
pg. 61
Tyler Book

I can connect a lot with this book. It is about leadership and the fashion in which Tony Dungy chooses to lead, which is through mentor leadership. I connect to this because leadership is used all of the time in my life in sports and other school activities. I also connect because I mentor a middle schooler and use some of the same principles Tony Dungy addresses in this book. This book's ideas are used in society because communities need leaders like mayors and fire chiefs and police officers to keep the community going. Since I watch sports a lot, I see leadership all of the time in professional sports. Since i've been typing I have heard during a college football game how coach Dave Wannstedt of the Pittsburgh Panthers college football team is a leader because of all the things he does to help his players. I also see this in current events when big company's owners or CEO's try to fix a problem they caused such as BP's oil spill. They took charge and tried to fix what they did wrong, just like it tells to do in Mentor Leader.

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