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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Megan Algreen
13 Reasons Why
Jay Asher
pg. 105

Hannah Baker killed herself because of 13 different people. They all affected her in different ways. People in today's society can really put theirselves down because of what other people do and say to them. So far in my book, there have been 3 people who have made Hannah Baker kill herself. Sometimes the littlest things you say can affect someone's self esteem. Bullying is an issue as to which people want to kill themselves because they cannot take it anymore. Suicide is a common thing among all age groups which is not a good thing and it needs to get less and less as the years go on. Society can fix this by trying to get along with people and not putting them down because you are in a bad mood and want to take it out on someone else. I have this problem sometimes because if I am ever in a bad mood I sometimes can take it out on other people and just snap at them. Hannah had never had many friends while she was in school, she was an outcast. There are always sterotypes in today's society like the jocks, nerds, geeks, etc. Everyone is put in those different categories. Everyone at Hannah's school is categorized in one of these groups.


  1. I read this same book a year or two ago. If i remember right wern't the reasons why she did it anything from a small comment to a large ordeal? I can't imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes, and just deal with everyone putting you down like that. I agree that society should just stop putting others down that are "less" or not as "good" as as themselves.

  2. This book sounds intense! I know someone who tried to commit suicide. I found out during school so i was like crying half the day. It's really and awful issue.


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