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Friday, September 17, 2010

Sydney Boyle
90 Minutes in Heaven
Finished book

The biggest internal conflict was between Don Piper and himself. His accident caused him to deal with the unimaginable. He lost part of his femur, part of his arm and the ability to physically move on his own. Don was not very understanding with his condition at first. He asked God constantly why He even brought him back to this Earth. He experienced heaven and its beauty and didn't understand why God would make him come back to this imperfect planet, but over time, after prayer, Don came to realize that his accident is God's way of using him. Don's purpose in this life is to share his story with others and be a prophet for God. At first, Don did not handle it well at all, but now Don is a living angel for our Heavenly Father.
The major external conflict was between Don and his family. It was a continuous struggle for all of them in Don's long-term healing process. Eva, Don's wife, had to take on a lot more responsibility, and Don's kids were required to live with grandparents and aunts/uncles for the first six months after Don was allowed to go home. This took a toll on all of them, but in the end, all of them stated that it really a blessing in disguise because they are all a lot closer because of it. This would be really hard for me to handle, but I look up to all of them for the way they handle it. I know I couldn't have been that accepting of it.

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