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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Roses Are Red
James Patterson
P. 1-30

This story could very well be a real life situation. Alex is a detective who deals with killers and people who create crime. He is living a regular daily life when all of a sudden another case comes up, and Alex leaves his family for the job again. When Alex's wife finds out that he is taking another case, she gets very upset. This relates to how my own mother reacts when my father spends a whole week in the field. We hardly ever see him during that week, and his "job" is his main priority for that week/ It is not to the same extent, but the reactions are still connected.
Also, I would connect Mastermind, the killer, to society's worst criminal fear. He is killing people constantly and leaving no tracks behind. Every parent and child worries about people like the Mastermind in daily life.

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