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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 3

Roses are Red
James Patterson
end of the book

The main internal conflict in the book was with Alex Cross. He would constantly wonder what the mastermind would do next and how many people would be his victims. Cross couldn't figure out who this man was or how he was completing these perfect crimes. The external conflict is with the mastermind and how to catch him. No one knows where he will strike next or who he will take hostage. He is always two steps ahead of Cross, which means that by the time Cross thinks he knows the answer, something new shatters all his ideas. Alex Cross is attempting to solve these conflicts by catching the mastermind. I agree with this because catching the mastermind is the only way that they mass murders will go away.

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  1. Why does Alex Cross have to know the number of vitims and what his plan is? So throughout the book Alex is trying to stop the same matermind? That could get really intense in your book! I bet there is a lot of action in your book.


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