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Monday, September 13, 2010

Megan Algreen
13 Reasons Why
Jay Asher
Page. 56

An internal problem in my book is of a boy named Clay Jensen who is having trouble keeping a secret that absolutely no one can know about. He was given tapes to listen to that have 13 reasons on why Hannah Baker decided to kill herself. He is having trouble of not telling anyone because Hannah was already dead and this was a big deal because he is about to find out why he is one of the reasons she killed herself and he is having internal thoughts on whether to keep this to himself or tell someone because Hannah said specifically in her tapes that anyone who listens to these tapes can not say a single word about it to anyone. He is struggling keeping this a secret from everyone and only keeping it to himself. An external problem is what the book is surrounded by and that is Hannah Baker's death. No one expected her death and it just happened her whole family is upset and it is different not having her around at school anymore. A lot of people are upset that she is not around anymore. Her teachers leave her desk empty in order to remember her because she was a very nice girl and someone who got along with just about anyone. No one can solve this problem now that she is dead, there is nothing no one can do about it, however, they will help solve on the reasons why she decided to kill herself. This will not help her come back to life though, everyone who is talked about on the tapes is responsible for her death. I do not beleive that Hannah should have killed herself because it sounds like in the book she had an okay life and I do not think you can only put 13 reasons on why you decided to kill yourself there would have to be more reasons, however that was her decision. I am not very far into the book yet, and I have only read 2 out of the 13 reasons on why she killed herself, so maybe for the reasons to come will tell me just exactly why she killed herself because she has not convinced me yet on exactly why she did this tragic thing.


  1. This book kind of sounds interesting. I understand that you are not very far into it, but are you enjoying it? I did not understand why people are not allowed to tell people the reasons she killed herself. The only thing this Hannah girl can do about people telling others is hoping carma gets them. Im interested to see more post about his book.

  2. I am enjoying it so far. Hannah just said in her tape that anyone who reads the tapes are not suppost to tell anyone, I am not sure why though maybe at the end the last person will tell someone. I am thinking a lot of people will regret everything they did to Hannah and probably feel remorse for a very long time.

  3. Who gave him the tapes? This book sounds very shady on the fact that there is a puzzle for him to figure out someone's death. What were the first two reasons? Are the tapes like a diary entry, or are they just stating simply the reasons she killed herself? I think that she should have just gone peacefully and not let people try to figure out the reasons why. They should already know if it was that bad for her to commit suicide.

  4. Garryson--The tapes were sent by Hannah to the first person, who was one reason, with the instructions to listen to the tape and then pass it on to the 2nd person, and so on. The tapes are very much like journal entries that take the listener on a journey, so to speak.


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