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Friday, September 24, 2010

Elizabeth Bower

Marley and Me By John Grogan
This book is nonfiction, so anything that happened in the book could happen in real life. this book is also based on a true story. All lot of it is close to someone's everyday life. It is very likely that someone has a dog that is just like Marley. I have a dog myself, and sometimes that things that Marley did, my dog has done. Like get into the trash, make a big mess, sometime not being able to hold his bladder. Marley is some what like my dog. My dog is very hyper and active. My dog isn't well trained. But on the other hand, my dog is very small and Marley is really big. My dog can't jump up on people and knock them down, because he is too little. Marley and the things that Marley does is some what close to my dog.

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