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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Game of my Life
by: Jason "J-mac" McElwain
with Daniel Paisner
My book is a feel good story in America. Most Americans love a feel good story. J-Mac is a kid from suburban Rochester, New York who acheived an amazing athletic feat. "Stuff like that happens everyday". There's a catch. Jason McElwain has Autism. This disease has kept him from leading a normal life ,but on February 15, 2006 he gotto be normal for one night. On many nights during the winter numbers of high school gyms across America are jam packed full of crowds. This story however is far from your average 30 point game.

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  1. it is cool how he didnt let the dieses stop him and how he could play the sport and win. what is the disease that he has?


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