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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Emily Wisecup
Crocodile Tears
Anthony Horowitz
finished book

There are so many external conflicts between Alex and others it's hard to keep track of them all. He has conflicts with his caretaker Jack, about his involvement with MI6 constantly. She wishes for him to end his colaboration with him and he would love to go back to being a normal 14-year old boy but trouble seems to find him wherever he goes. Alex usually chooses the right thing to do, the option that would benifet many rather than the personal-gain option, even thought it is much safer. I agree with his decisions to help MI6 because he is being unselfish in his acts. Alex also has a conflict with himself. He never really knew his parents so he is constantly searching for answers about his past and his family. He makes some bad decisions, like working with his Godfather in the last book to find answers and the man betrays him. I understand his need for answers but I think I would be a little more careful with who i worked with.

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  1. Do you like this book, or is it super confusing? It seems with so many conflicts that it would be difficult to understand and keep reading, but it also sounds interesting as well.


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