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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 5

90 Minutes in Heaven
By Don Piper
pg. 67

The setting in my book is very important. A lot of the settings change from hospital to hospital, and he travels in an ambulance a lot. The most important setting in the book is where the crash took place. It happened just after a large bridge. The author actually tells us if the accident took place on the bridge, his car would have been pushed into the lake. If this happened he would have died, so the setting was very important. Another important setting is the hospital he was finally brought to. The Hermann Hospital in Houston was the largest hospital he was close to. This was the only hospital around that could give Don the care he needed. Without it he would have died.


  1. It's amazing that such a slight difference in setting can be such a factor. In this case a change in setting would've caused death not once, but twice! That is astonishing to me. This book seems very interesting to me and very connected to it's setting.

  2. I agree with Meghan. It just goes to show that every second counts! Does that make you wonder about you timing and if you waited an extra second to do anything that you would get a different result. This reminds me of the AT&T commercial where it a dancer uses another phone to load email or something and it takes forever so she waits the extra few seconds and the manager guy just walks by. On the other side of the screen she uses AT&T and it loads faster and the manager guy walks by but picks up the thing (her shoes?) that she dropped for her and she then lives a better life. At the end it says something along the lines of "every second counts"


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