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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tyler Book
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Pg. 287 (end of book)

The main internal conflict for both the father are the same. They are in a situation where little hope exists and they question whether they are willing to continue to live anymore. The characters debate this throughout the book, especially the father, but he wanted to stay alive for his son. To overcome this problem, the characters thought about finding the "good guys" and they also got a lot of breaks in finding food and shelter. An external conflict would be when the father and son come across the marauders that travel the road. In one interaction, a man took their grocery cart containing all of their things and food. If they would not have found him, they would have died. To solve this, they tracked the thief down and forced him to give back the cart.
I definitely agree with their choices. They struggled at all points of the book but kept pushing on to try to find peace. I think that if they would not have went after the thief it would have been a horrible mistake and they would have paid with their lives. I believe that was a great decision.

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  1. This is very detailed. It sounds very interesting. Is the father fighting for his life so he could be with his son? I didn't understand all of it.


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