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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Megan Algreen
13 Reasons Why
Jay Asher
Page 257

There is not a primary setting in my book, it takes place in many different areas. In the book, Clay Jensen is going to all of the spots to where Hannah Baker tells her to go in her audio tapes. Some of the places are Rosie's Diner, Monet's Cafe, Cottonwood Road and many more other places. Once Clay gets to all of these places he then begins to play the tape and Hannah tells him exactly what happened at that place and the reasons on why she had exactly killed herself. Out of all of the settings I would say he was at Monet's Cafe for a lot of the time because that is where he listened to the tapes and no one bugged him as to why he was listening to them. The story would change emmensly if he was only at one specific spot in the book because having him go to all of the places really helped Hannah describe everything she saw and did while she was there, without that you would not get as much affect out of it and the book would not be as appealing as it is with multiple setting because you can picture yourself at the place where he is at and could see everything going on through Hannah's perspective.

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  1. Sounds like your book is like mine and could take place anywhere except for a few select scenes. Does Monet's Cafe have a specfic role in the book other than just being the place where he listens to the tapes? Maybe later in the book it wil paly a key role in the plot and setting. Sounds like a good book and relates a lot to mine.


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