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Friday, September 24, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 4

90 Minutes in Heaven
By Don Piper
pg. 30
I think my book is easy to relate to because it is nonfiction. I can't really relate to the crash because I've never been in a car accident or have known someone close to me involved in one. I had heard of people dying then coming back to life which relates to the story. This book reminds me of another book where the paramedics mixed up the identities of two girls involved in a crash. I can't remember what the book is called, but the girl describes her recollection of the crash like Don Piper does. Don Piper's description of heaven is like I imagined it would be. He says earthly expressions don't come close to describing heaven. This reminds me of how some translations of words between languages are also skewed and don't always mean the same thing.

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