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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tyler Allison
Letters to God

In letters to God there is a big internal problem between Ty and his Cancer. He battles with brain cancer for over half of the book. Ty is dealing with this really well. He is fighting back and had surgery. After his surgery he went through two rounds of chemotherapy. I think he is being a champ and in a way, beating his cancer. A big external conflict in the book is between Maddy (mom) and Ben (oldest son). Ever since Ty got cancer he has kind of been ignored by his mom and everyone around him because all the attention was on Ty. Ben had a really hard time handling this and in the end he got mad and blew up. Maddy realized what was happening and changed that right away. All in all i think both of these conflicts were handled in the best way possible. Ben could have told his mom but i understand why he didn't. i probably would have done the same thing as him.

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  1. The book you read reminds me of when I lost my grandpa to leukemia in 2003. He didn't have chemotherapy, but the cancer took his life.
    It was hard to see him suffer, but now I know he's in a better place.


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