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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Batboy
Mike Lupica
Pg. 201
The setting of "The Batboy" is Detroit, Michigan. Where a lot of the story occurs is at Comerica park, this is where the Detroit Tigers play baseball. Part of the story occurs at Brian's house as well. At Comerica, they set the story in the players lounge, on the field, and in equipment room number 3. With out this setting there would be no story. Brian is the babtboy at this park, without the park there would be no batboy. The major conflict is Brian getting to know Hank Bishop, a player for the Tigers. If there was no Comerica park, nor Detroit, then there would be no conflict between Hank and Brian.


  1. O ya, the time would be present day summer.

  2. It sounds like your setting in the book is very important, it seems to deal with everything the characters do whether it would be playing baseball or just sitting there talking. The field sounds like it would play an important role in the book because it sounds like that is what everything is revolved around.


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