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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 4

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordan
Stephen King
p.1- 75

In this book a nine year old named Trisha McFarland wanders off the hiking trail while her mother and brother argue, and she quickly becomes lost. This connects to many hikers in today's society that become disoriented and get lost in the forests. It is also a fear of many to get lost in the woods. I would also connect it to many horror/suspense films because that is how the plot usually goes in many of them. The characters get lost and end up in a remote place by a forest. They decide to go exploring ( just like Trisha) and they get lost. At this point, that is the main conflict of the story, but just like the horror movies, something is going to happen in the woods when it gets dark.


  1. This may sound like an interesting book, as long as there are not a lot of pages. I do not recall you saying how this relates to a horror film, other than she has gone missing. Does this book relate to you at all? i would have to agree with how you connected it to society. Some people do not even think they are lost until it gets dark, and they cant find there way backs.

  2. I think that is does relate to a horror movie. I also agree with you with the relating to society. Like you said people won't realize they are lost till it gets dark. Then they don't know what way to go and will just go in circles. It sounds like an awesome book!


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