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Monday, September 27, 2010

Jake hensley
Twisted summer
blog 5

The setting of my book is on a vacation spot on the lake. Its a small little resort where everyone is good friends with everyone. They go there evey year to spend time together and have fun. Although, this year there was a murder. I think the setting plays a big role because if it was a resort where not everyone knows everyone then they might not find the killer. Luckily, everyone was "friends", so it should be interesting who the killer is.


  1. I agree that the setting would play an important roll. Although, how do you know that someone that acts like a friend, it not in on the murder. The book sounds like an interesting book. I know that you go to Okiboji about every summer, that would be scary if you went and there was a murder there. Do you know a lot of people other than family that go to Okiboji? Hopefully they find the killer.

  2. The setting is very important. It would play a big role to where the killer would be. he could be hiding on the side of lake somewhere or have a camping spot.


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