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Friday, September 24, 2010

Aly Tekippe

Life as we Knew it
pg. 72-105
by. Susan B. Pfeffer

Miranda is going through a tough time at her house. This can be related to every person that is in highschool. She has fights with her mom, and they worry about her safety. Miranda disagrees with her mother on almost everything' so it is easy for them to fight over stuff. Miranda got a new boyfriend and her mom doesn't think it is a very good idea because the world might or might-not be coming to an end and she is worried about going on dates with Dan. This also connects with my last book, Deadline. In it there is a boy that is dying and instead of getting help he tries to live a normal life. This happens in this book as well. Even though the world is going crazy and millions of people are dead, she still thinks about Dan.

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