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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jake hensley blog

The protagonist in my story is Will. He displays the traits of; being brave, strong, open minded.
Will is brave because he has the courage to go down South in the slave states and try to free a family of slaves. When he gets to Ohio it starts to get rough for will. The people are worse than he thought. The only negitve traits of Will is that he can't fight back his anger when people talk about how slavery is good and Will usually gets into fights. He reveals his traits when he is on his journey to the South to free slaves. He expresses his thoughts about everything. Also, Will's traits affect the plot because if he did like slavery he never would have got himself into danger with southern people.


  1. I might have to read this. The slaves are interesting.

  2. Will sounds like a beast. I bet that he will free many of slaves.

  3. Is Will african american too? or is he a white person freeing slaves? why is he doing it?

  4. Jake-Be sure to include title of your book as well as the current page number you are on at the time of the blog post.


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