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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Water for Elephants pg.52-102

My book is water for elephants by Sara Gruen.
Jacob Jankowski is the protagonist in water for elephants. The negative traits in Jacob are that he is 93 years old and he has turned into this mean and grouchy old man every since he started living in the nursing home. Jacob now thinks that he has no life anymore . He hates living their because it is so boring to him and he doesn't get out very much like he likes to do and their food sucks their. He has became one of the most stubborn people ever and just wants to be left alone. Right now his nurse is giving him pills for depression but he is refusing to take them and is being very stubborn for them.
Some of the most positive things about Jacob are, that when Jacob was younger and he decided to quit college and work at the circus it had changed his whole life he was still doing what he wanted to do .Jacob enjoyed working at the circus, he realized that it was one of the most spectacular moments in his life. you can tell he loved it just by the details in the book and the way he talks about it. Jacob wishes he can go back to those days instead of being where he is at .
My prediction is that something bad will happen to jacob in the nursing home . And i predict that jacob will get moved higher up in his job while working at the circus . And he will make some people jealous and that some of the circus crew will hate him more and more .

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