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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 2
If I Stay
The protagonist's positive traits are that she is very optimistic about her music career. She is very close with her family, especially her younger brother Teddy. They are basically best friends. The only problem Mia really has is that she sees herself as an outsider in her family. She is the exact opposite of each one of the people in her family. Teddy and their parents all have blonde hair and blue eyes, but Mia has dark brown hair and dark eyes. They all seem to share the love of music though. The author reveals these facts through the things she goes through with her family, such as the car accident and the morning breakfast they had together. Mia tells stories of when she was little and how, at first, her parents weren't supportive of her playing the cello, and how that made her feel like an outsider. She really hasn't gotten over their reaction of when she first told them she wanted to be a cellist.

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