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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 2

Roses are Red
James Patterson
p. 270

The protagonist, Alex Cross, has many good traits. He is family oriented, caring, brave, and determined. His good traits are revealed mostly when he is doing his detective work. He shows how determined he is to find the killer by going to places where he could get killed at any moment by a person that he isn't even there to get. That also shows his bravery since many people would avoid the places he visits everyday. His other good traits are shown when his young daughter gets a brain tumor. He stays with her almost every night at the hospital and tries to avoid his job. That is where his bad traits come in, his work is a priority to him. It still isn't above his family, but the time he spends with it is very consuming. This bad trait led to the ending of a relationship with his girlfriend and many nights spent away searching for a killer. The good and bad traits work together in this plot to create conflicts with in Alex Cross and also with his family and co-workers. They affect the plot in negative ways mostly, but at times, such as in the hospital, they affect the plot in a positive way.


  1. That is soo sad that his daughter has a brain tumor. I can see how he is so strong. It shows how much he cares for his daughter. He tries to forget his job to stay with his daughter. I like how he does anything and everything to find his killer, even if it involves risking his own life. He sounds very selfless.

  2. When i read about Alex Cross it made me think of a CEO or something that spends most of his time at work and thinking about his job. I was wondering what his life away from his job is like, and did his daughter die? Because if she did, i would think that he wouldn't go right back to work unless that is his way of coping with her death.

  3. Did Alex's job cost him his first marriage? You mention he lost a girlfriend because of his commitment to his work, so I was curious, since he has a daughter, what happened to her mother.


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