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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 2

Driving with Dead People
by Monica Holloway
pg. 163

The main character in my book, Monica, is just an average girl with a very bad family situation. She is about the only one in her family that seems to care about what is happening to her family. She is a good friend and a good daughter if her parents would realize it. She tries really hard to please people. I don't know if her traits affect the plot or the plot affects her traits. She is the person she is because of what is happening to her. She doesn't seem to take much action towards what is happening to her, but she imagines what she wants her life to be. I think the plot affects her negative traits the most. Her family hasn't been the best role model for her, so she picks up alot of swear words and looks elsewhere for attention. She begins to crave attention at school and participates in almost every extracurricular activity. This leads to her actin out, but she still feels remorse and apologizes which is a good trait. Her traits are reveal throughout the story by events happening to her and how she overcomes them.

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