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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hanna Feller
if i stay
Gayle Forman
Gayle first starts out with an explantion of what had hapened later on it the book. There is a family of four all getting ready for school and work, but there had been snowfall. The school cancels and they kids' parents want to take the day off the spend time with their children. Mia, the oldest child, is very into classical music. She practices the cello everyday; she has been for 10 years now. There wasn;t that much snow on the pavement, so they all decide to take a drive to their grandparents house and maybe go shopping. They all piled in the car and like a normal family, started argueing over whoch radio station they were going to listen to. They all of a sudden "a four-ton pickup truck going sixty miles an hour plowing straight into the passenger side" hit their car. It sent each member of the family, Teddy, Mia, and their parents flying through the air. Mia wakes up to the cold pavement underneath her. She comes to find out that her dad is dying and his brains were scattered arcoss the road. Her mother's lips were already blue and her eyes were completely red. As she runs to find her brother she ends up seeing herself, like she was a ghost looking down at her lifeless body. The paramedics are all around the body she stares at and they rush her to the hospital to save her.
I predict that she will survive and go on with her music. She will want to make her parents proud of her even thoguh they are dead. I'm not sure if Teddy will survive or not at this point in the book, because they haven't found him.


  1. How did the four ton truck hit them on the side? Like, were they all distracted by the arguing over the radio station and the driver went through an intersection? Where were they when they got hit by a huge truck going 60 miles per hour? I might read that book next time because it sounds interesting. Is it your book cause if it is, can I see it so I can read the book summary on the back of the book?

  2. This book sounds awesome!! I so want to read it!!


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