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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alonge Came A Spider

Erika Lange
page 3-92
Alex Cross is a Detective/shrink in Washington DC. He was suppost to work on a murder/rape case in the projects, but the mayor of DC asked him to be reasigned to a kidnapping case. The kids that were kidnapped is the daughter of an actress, Maggie Rose, and the son of the Secritary of State, Michael Goldberge. The man that kiddnaped them's name is Gary Soneji, also known as "Mr. Chips". He was a teacher at the privet school that Maggie Rose and Michael attended. Everyone Trusted him so it was easy for him to get the kids to fallow him out to his van and drug them and take them to a deserted farm. He took the kids to the farm and barred them in a casket like box a half a foot below the surface. Maggie was the first to wake up from the drugs. It took her a while to understand where she was, but when she got control of her body and could move she found Michael who still hasn't woke up. she is worried that he will never wake up and she will have to survive without her best friend.


  1. I'm reading a book with Alex Cross in it too! So far it seems that this book is way more horrid that the one I am reading. I have a feeling that this Michael character isn't going to wake up at all. I really don't like this Mr. Chips guy, he sounds like the type of guy you can really trust, but he obviously ruined that for himself.

  2. This sounds really good! Is it more of a scary book? or like a thriller? I'm guessing that spiders are going to come into the book in some way, just because of the name. Mr. Chips sounds really evil.


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