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Friday, September 3, 2010

Aly Tekippe


By Chris Crutcher

Pg. 71-305

The main charecters name is Ben. He is a senior at a small highschool in the middle od Idaho. Ben has a rare blood disease that will kill him by the end of the school year. He doesn't tell anyone because he wants to live a normal life. Ben's good personality make him enjoyable in class and a friend to everyone in the school. Once Ben finds out he is going to die, he starts to take more risks because he thinks he has nothing to lose. He starts messing with his teachers and calling them racist because they believe that racism is dead in America. He also doesn't tell anyone about his condition and that makes people very angry when he finally does tell them. Ben is a good person that has made a few bad decisions recently because he feels he has nothing to lose.


  1. That would not be fun have something like that that no one else has it would be rough.

  2. I would do the same thing, I would mess with everyone and make everyone real mad in the my last days. Why not, you have nothing to lose. What would you do Aly?

  3. You read a lot in one week, Aly. Well done.

    Caleb: What would be the purpose of angering everyone?


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