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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tyler Allison

Letters to God

Pg 52? - 95

The protagonist in my book is hard to pick out, but im going to go with Ty. He is a 7 year old boy that is always looking at the positive end of things. For instance, his dad died a couple years back and its Christmas eve. Him and his brother are laying in bed because they always sleep together on that night so neither one of them gets to the presents first. When they are laying down to go to sleep Ty asks his brother Ben if he wants to pray and Ben says no because he thinks that if God really loved them that he wouldn't have taken there father away. Ty responds to this with a very positive answer, he says that God does everything for a reason and it didn't happen just to make them sad. He continues to talk him through it. I honestly don't think that this trait hurts him and i really havn't noticed anything negative about his behavior yet. If he stays this way in the book i think it will keep bringing a lot of light to the plot.

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