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Friday, September 3, 2010

Quater 1 blog 2

Rachel Crouch
Driving with Dead People
Monica Holloway
pg. 73
Monica is the main character in my book and she is an interesting one. All she ever wanted was a father that loved her and was there for her, but her father is far from loving. If she were to even spill her milk at breakfast her father would cuss her out and hit her hard enough to knock her off her seat. Through all the abuse her most positive aspect is that she doesn't talk back to people in authority. Of course, if she did her father would beat her to a pulp. Her worse aspect is that she lies constantly to get attention and its her personal way of dealing with her home life. She shows these traits every day by fearing authority and lying to the kids around her. It makes her seem like a shy, untruthful girl.


  1. Is this like the book "A Child Called It" that we read in middle school? The plot and characters sound the same. It sounds like a very good book, but very sad at the same time. So does she ever get caught for lying?

  2. That Would Be A Horrible Life :(


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