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Friday, September 3, 2010

Elizabeth Bower

Marley and Me
by: John Grogan.
The protagonist in my book is Marley, the dog. He isn't all that well behaived but he does show signs of a hero, in a way. When Jenny lost her baby, and was very sad about the fact that she was not going to be having it, Marley was right there by her side comforting her in her time of grief. Marley is a very big hyper dog that scares most people when they first meet him. Because of that Marley makes a great gaurd dog. The neighborhood that they live in isn't quiet the greatest. There was a murder that took place right across the street from them, so having Marley around keeps them safe and makes them feel at ease. Some of the negative traits Marley has is that he isn't very good at listen and obeying commands. He is a overly hyper dog that like to get into lots of trouble.

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  1. Is the book as good as the movie. I watched the movie with Rachel and Robin and they were crying thier eyes out. But i kept my cool and didn't cry. i also haven't had put down a pet that I've had for a long time.


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