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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crocodile Tears
Anthony Horowitz
pg 57

Alex Rider is a very complicated boy. At only 14 he has been the main agent in over 5 major spy operations. He is patient and cooperative with the world's secret intelegence agencies. This is definately important. If he didn't cooperate with them he'd probably be thrown in jail. He knows too much about MI6 to be just a normal teenager anymore. Unfortunately for Alex's caretaker, Jack (she's a girl), he has a very adventurous side. His curiosity and need for answers leads him to take on jobs many adults couldn't even accomplish. This pushes him into extreme situations that keep the book interesting and full of detail.


  1. Alex Rider seems verry very smart for his young age! Being only 14 and being the main agent in many spy operations! That guy is talented! He seems like a very exciting person to read about! What does he have to do at all these spy operations!?


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