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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Man on a Mission
by Rob Rains
Pg. 45
Denton Hopkins
My protagonist is Tony LaRussa. His positive traits are that he's very talented and intelligent when it comes to baseball. His negative traits are that he sometimes has an ill-temper. His temper isn't near as bad as his childhood friend Lou Pinella. (Now the cubs manager) Tony and Lou were able to play in the pony league world series as 15 year olds and were runner-up after Lou could not play in the final two games....he almost fell off a cliff.


  1. I don't know much about baseball but it sounds like Tony is very skilled even though he has a bad temper. I think that talent and anger issues can go hand in hand sometimes, probably because of pressure. What exactly is the Pony League World Series? I imagine that they had to be awesome to be able to play at the age of 15. How did Lou almost fall off of a cliff, and how did that affect their placing?

  2. I had the same question as Paige. I was also wondering what the Pony League is? I think I have heard of it before but can't remember what it is. I was also wondering how Lou almost fell off a cliff. Is this a true story? It sounds like it would be a good book and something you would really enjoy since you love baseball so much.

  3. Paige: Interesting observation about the correlation between talent and anger. One may think think that if an individual is talented, there is less pressure because things are "easy", which as you aptly point out, may not be in the case. Good comment.


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