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Thursday, September 2, 2010

April Witch
Majgul Axelsson
pg 193

I suppose the protagonist is Desiree, but it's hard to tell with the way the story is written. Some of her positive traits are that she is incredibly smart (she reads books by people like Stephen Hawking), and she is an april witch. Her obvious negative trait is that she is so crippled she can't move or talk. She is also a very jealous person, especially towards her "sisters", but this is pretty understandable. These traits are pretty much the entire reason for the plot. If she didn't have them, there really wouldn't be a story.


  1. How was she crippled? Was she born with it or was it an accident? And what is an april witch?

  2. She was born with it.
    She has cerebral palsy AND epilepsy.

    An april witch is someone who has the ability to kind of possess other living things. She always takes over seagulls to spy on people.

  3. Elizabyth asked two of the questions I had while reading your post. That is a very cool concept--a paradox--that she is physically disabled but has the ability to experience more physical movement than other normal humans.

    One more question: what about the writing style makes it difficult to determine who the protagonist is?

  4. Well it keeps going bak and forth between 1st and 3rd person. It also talks more about her sisters than her, so you don't really learn that much about her, even though she's the one narrating it.


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