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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Road
By Cormac McCarthy
Pg. 90

The protagonist is the father and his traits are very simple. He is very protective and ready is how I would describe him. He feels that his mission is to keep his son safe and he has to be ready for any opportunity or bad thing that may happen to them. His negative traits are that he is a risk taker and he is lonesome. He does things that could either hurt him and his son or help them, but it is risky. He reveals these traits as they encounter new problems or opportunities. Every time they have a chance to get food or they find a town where there could be people, they take the risk and try to get help. The man also used his protectiveness to kill one of the marauders who tried to take his son. So far all of his traits have been used for his benefit.

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  1. I wish i knew more about the plot of your book. it sounds very interesting. I don't think that taking risks is always a negative trait. There are people that make millions of dollars a year off taking risks, and i would love to be one of them =D


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