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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fallan Stark
Laurie Halse Anderson
page 124

The protagonist, Kate Malone, is smart, nice, and polite. She is also fairly passive, and reserved. Her positive traits also act as her negative traits sometimes. The house of the bully in her grade burned down and so the bully, Terri and her 2 year old brother are forced to live with them. Terri is very blunt and harsh to Kate and she annoys Kate to no end. When Terri barks orders at her she is to nice or polite to tell Terri that she has no right to be talking to her like she does. Kate is very reserved and is ignoring her friends ever since she got rejected to the only college she applied to. They worry about her. Her traits build her character. Without them we wouldn't have an understanding of how she is or how she responds to situations. We also wouldn't know how others react to her.

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