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Friday, September 3, 2010

Plian Truth By Jodi Picoult
Pg. 8-23
Katie was going to get questioned about the baby that was found, but she ran off. It jumped to a girl who is a lawyer. She;s guilty about winning her last case because she knew the guy was guilty but she was his lawyer and he didnt want to loose the case. She talked about how every summer she would go to Paradise, Pennsylvania to see her aunt Leda. Leda was Amish but then she chose to live in the normal world and was banned from almost everything Amish. But when Ellie was a little girl both of them went to get sweet corn at a tent and the man there was Amish so Ellie had to pay for the corn because Leda couldn't give her money to the man because it was aganist the rules. So after Ellie won her case she told a trip to Paradise. Her aunt Leda enbraced her just as if she was a little 11 year old girl again. Once they got to Leda's house Ellie settled down in a chair in Leda's kitchen and then Leda got a call and told Ellie that she had to go take care of something.

Precidiction: Leda is actually part of the Amish family that the baby was born.

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