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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

House Rules
Jodi Picoult
Pg. 370

There are always multiple conflicts in a book, some major and some minor. I major conflict in my book is an internal conflict where Jacob is battling Asperger's syndrome. Jacob has a tough time expressing himself well to others and like many kids with Asperger's syndromem Jacob has a special focus on one subject. The subject he focus' on the most would be forensic analysis. By that it means he is always showing up on crime scenes and telling the police what they should do, and for most of the time, he is right. Jacob is now being taken to court because he is being covicted of murdering Jess, his lady who help him with his Asperger's syndrome. While Jacob went to court he was battling with himself to stay under control and to not loose his temper while he was in the courtroom. People believe he is guilty because he cannot look someone in the eye, he gets tics and twithces, and flat affect. All of these things lead the police to think that he is guilty. Jacob cannot control any of this, it is just what he is born with. He is trying so hard to make his mom and the police to realize that he is innocent and did not commit the murder. He has to get through all of his struggles with having the syndrome in order for them to actually get to believe him that he was not the one who murdered Jess. An external conflict he is having is with his mom. His mom believes that maybe her son did commit the muder because he was the one last seen with Jess and he even set up the crime scene and moved Jess. His mom thinks well, why did he do that? It is just part of Jacob's nature he wants the police to figure out who murdered her by setting up a crime scene other than the one that really did happen. When the police found out that he moved the body, they were furious with Jacob as well. Jacob also has a conflict with his brother Theo. Even though Jacob is older, Theo is the one who has to take care of Jacob. Theo always argues and sometimes even makes fun of Jacob. Overall, there are lots of conflicts in this book involving Jacob and I am hoping they will all be resovled in the end.

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  1. I am also reading a book by Jodie Picoult, and so far I love her. She writes such life-like stories that are very realistic. I like to read about teenagers and the struggles that they overcome. Have you read a lot of books by her? She seems to have a lot.


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