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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fear No Evil
Robin Caroll
I really enjoyed the ending because it was a very happy tale ending full of love and bliss. As soon as Jade gets out of her eye surgery, Lincoln ends up asking for her hand in marriage and tells her that he can not promise all good times. However, he says that he knows he will put God at the head of their home and marriage. Through this, he knows their love will be everlasting! The ending proved symbolically that through God all things are possible. If I had to give another ending, I would have had Jade end up going critically blind through the surgery. This way I would have tied in God's miracles by extending the book and continuing to tell how Jade used her difficult obstacle to continue to follow God and praise Him. However, it would not wrap up the book in the same mood as Caroll did in her ending, and I think it would drag it on. Plus, I love the happy ending!

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  1. I love happy endings too! It sounds like a good book. Why do you think the book would have drug on if the ending was the alternate way you said? Do you mean it would just be too long because of having to talk about how her life would be different?


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