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Thursday, May 19, 2011

House Rules
Jodi Picoult
End of Book

I did enjoy the ending of my book. Jacob and Theo were both found innocent and they were not pressed with charges. Jess was the one whole fell and killed herself, so it was nice that no one got sent to jail and had to suffer major consequences. If I had to choose an alternate ending I would have it be that Jacob was the one who really did kill Jess in the first place, however I do not think this would be a very good ending just because throughout the whole book Jacob is saying how he did not kill her and everyone can tell when he is not telling the truth. The whole book is basically set in a court scene trying to prove that Jacob is not guilty. So, if he really was guilty in the end, it would seem to me that the whole book would have been a whole waste to read. I liked how the author had Jess killing herself because when reading it I would have never suspected that she was the one who actually killed herself and Jacob or Theo did not commit the crime.

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  1. Why did she kill herslef? Was it an accident or was it on purpose? It seems like a lot of books end in a really dumb way that make you feel like the whole book was pointless!


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