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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anthony Horowitz
end of book

The end of this book makes it seem like there won't be another one, but I know there is so the ending isn't quite as dramatic as it could be. After being debriefed, Alex is about to head home. He steps out onto Liverpool street and it suddenly starts tilting. Alex has been shot. The book ends with Alex slipping out of consciousness on the ground in front of MI6's headquarters. This was a good dramatic ending for this book. It makes sense because he has now betrayed SCORPIA, a terrorist group, so now they want him dead. If I were to write a different ending, I would probably have Alex go home and talk to Jack, his housekeeper. I want him to explain everything to her. He never talks about his missions to anyone and I would like to hear his perspective of it since the book is written in 3rd person.

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  1. I always loved these books because of how much action there was in them. I agree with you that i would've liked to hear his missions from his perspective. Your ending sounds like it would be a way to really leave the readers hanging at the end.


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