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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Supernaturalist
Eoin Colfer
pg. 106
The setting of this book is in the future in a place called Satellite City. Earth is slowly being broken down from all the chemicals in the atmosphere and in the ground. Satellite City is supposed to be the perfect city, but is far from it. There are so many chemicals in the atmosphere that sunrises and sunsets no longer exist like we know them. When the sun rises or sets, the chemicals in the air turn different colors. The ozone layer is almost completely gone, so no one ever goes outside with just a t-shirt and shorts anymore-the sun's rays are too harmful. There are no plants, no trees, no grass-just metal and roads. Eoin Colfer was very creative when he created this setting-it seems like Earth really could get to this condition. He practically created a whole new world. For example, graveyards aren't graveyards anymore-everyone is cremated and put in a building with automated shelves that move to ground level when a family member comes to see them. Guns are rarely ever used. Instead they use rods with different capsules you can shoot out of them. They have ones that are made of cellophane and, upon impact, will start expanding and encasing the victim so they can't move. This setting is very unique and I enjoy reading about it in this book.

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