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Friday, May 6, 2011

by Laura Hillenbrand
Pg. 365

This is a great book to read for many people. If you like war, sports, and life in general, you would probably like this book. It takes place in America, at the Olympics, in POW camps, all during World War II. I enjoy hearing about war stories, and this is a inspirational story of a guy who survives a plane crash and Japanese POW camps. It also appeals to people who like sports because the main character is a star track athlete and sets records for running the mile. He goes to the Olympics and shares his experiences in the book. I think it is a great book and has a great storyline. It is inspirational and always has a lot of stories to keep you entertained. Even if you don't like war or sports, I believe you would still like this book. It is very interesting and cool to hear about what the main character went through.

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  1. Your book sounds really interesting. I think that it would be a wierd mix of sports and war. I dont know how well those two go together? What is his time in the mile?



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