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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Breathing Underwater
Alex Flinn
Pg. 175
Well, I suppose I will blog about the characters. Caitlin, Nicks Exboy, was treated wrong by Nick, and they went to court. She had put a restraining oreder on him, trying to keep him away. Nick still has the urge to call her just to hear her voice. Caitlin does a real good job at avoiding Nick, and that makes her a real strong character. Saint, which is Caitlins new boy, alwyas goes up to Nick and brags about Caitlins body and tries to get in his head. It is a typical guy thing to make each other jealous about girls, but I really think Saint should back off, especially with what has gone on among them. Nick does abuse the restaining order by trying to talk to Caitlin, but it mkaes him happy to even here her voice. Nick has anger problems, which got him into trouble, but when Saint gets in his face, he holds that anger in, and does not let the trigger fly. I would have to say Caitlin is my faborite character, even though the story is told from Nick's view. Nick would be my second favorite, then Saint would be my least.

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  1. It seems like Caitlin made the right decision for leaving Nick. It does not seem like Saint is a much better guy though either. If he feels like he has to get into an ex boyfriends face and make him feel horrible about himself then he's not a very good guy anyway. I think that Nick will eventually lose his temper if Saint keeps getting in his face.


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