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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Going Bovine
Author?(Can't remember)

This book is pretty weird. Throughout the entire book Cameron is on this crazy little trip where he meets a garden gnome with a norse god trapped it in and he meets a famous band and gets into some serious trouble. The setting is crazy, it moves so quick its hard to keep track of. They start off in Texas and work their way through New Orleans, some little hick town, a utopia formed by a group that tries to keep everyone happy all the time, Daytona beach, and finally ends up in disney world. At the end though you find out all this crap is just Cameron going crazy and his brain rotting away because of the mad cow disease. I'm not sure how i feel about this book now but i do kind of like Cameron the main character and how throughout the story he begins to gain acceptance of death.


  1. This does seem weird. Is it hard to follow? Like can you tell he's crazy as you read?

  2. Why would someone write about this? It is very far fetched. Would you like to live in a utopian society?


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