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Friday, May 6, 2011

Fallan Stark
Dark Angel
David Klass
pg 89

The conflict in my book is that Jeff's brother was in jail for 5 years and they are letting him out. He was supposed to be in jail for life, but they are letting him out. Jeff is really scared and he told his girlfriend about his brother's homecoming and she won't talk to him. It is a conflict for him because he is scared and is trying to talk to Beth, his girlfriend.
I thought that this book would have something to do with supernatural powers, but so far nothing has happened like it. My inference is that the brother is the dark angel because it talked about how his grandmother says that every baby is an angel. Then it goes to talk about how he turns evil, by getting into fights and murdering a guy. It could turn into that or it could turn into Jeff becoming an angel, similar to Fallen, a movie about a half angel who's powers show when he turns 18.


  1. Why is Jeff's girlfriend mad at him? Did he hide that his brother was in jail from her? How is Jeff now, and how old was he when his brother went to jail? Did Jeff's brother do something to Jeff to make him that scared of him?

  2. What did his brother do that got him in jail in the first place? Does the cover of the book give away anything about it containing something supernatural?


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