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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Suicide Collectors
David Oppegaard

Lately I have been getting into books about murders and killings and when I read the back of this book it really caught my attention! The Suicide Collectors isn't like many other books. It's set in Florida where all the people are dead, all the houses are empty, and people are slowly killing themselves. Every where around the world more and more people are commiting suicide. The doctors and experts that are still alive are calling it a pandemic. They haven't gotten to a theme yet but it seems like the theme is going to be original. The author makes these characters unique. The main character doesn't resemble any other characters I've ever read about. Neither does the conflict of The Collectors. I'm really interested in how David Oppegaard came up with the entire plot line of these book, because it's nothing like what I've read before!

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