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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Spy High
A.J. Butcher
page 1-44

The characters of my book are all teenage kids in high school but they do not go to a normal high school, they go to a high school for spies and go on secret missions. The main character is the leader of a team of students named the bond team. His name is Ben. He is a natural leader and fight with an outcast named Jake for control over the team. They do not get along and argue while on missions. They have already ruined many of them because of their hate toward each other. When they go on missions they are split into groups of 2. Ben usually leads his team to victory while Jake and his partner are captured or get stuck in a situation. This leads to more hate from Jake to Ben. ? I think that this will be the underlying theme of the book. I hope they fix this problem.

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  1. how do you think they will resolve this problem? Or do you think it will be resolved at all? I feel like something really drastic is going to have to happen for this problem to be fixed.


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