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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brandon's Post

John Feinstein



Ya know, im gonna be honest with you this book was not the best by far, it was slow going, not fun to read (No books are fun to read), and ending was aweful. The first setting of the book started at the football field. Not a very good place to start off a book. The second setting of the book was in the weight room, that ones not as bad as the football feild but then again not the greatest. The characters in this book were all addicted to steriods they all couldnt get there minds off of the fact that they loved steriods. They got addicted and then started slipping in school and their parents didnt know why and then the parents did get involved and they had to force them off of them. They all got into a huge fight because the kids didnt understand why the drug was so bad but by the end of the book they did. So yeah.

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  1. that sounds like a really stupid book it would have been way better if the guys were addicted to like meth or something not steroids where all they do is become meat heads. Also i like how you ended you blog. so yeah.


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