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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quarter 4, So ready to quit blogging.

The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy
I did not enjoy the end of my book, throughout the whole book it was very dry and hard to pick up and read for a long time. At the end, Tony pretty much just ends his speech about being a better leader... but i do not think it needed to be made into a two hundred page book. Don't get me wrong, the points he made in the book were very good, but I will never pick up a book like that again because of how dry/boring it was. An alternative ending for the book could be the Colts achieving two season goals by having both an undefeated season and winning the super bowl, but because the book was historically accurate that could not happen. In my eyes the ending of the book was not too horrible, because he brought all his points into a final topic that i will not give away.

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