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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tyler Allison Last Blog

Do Not Pass Go
Kirkpatrick Hill

My book started with the main characters dad going to jail. Deet is the main character and he is in elementary school. Before his dad went to jail there family had money problems, but when his dad went to jail it got worse. The story starts out sad but ends with Deet finding new, good things out about his dad. Deet grows as a character and becomes a man in the book. If i were to change the ending of the book, i would make deets dad get out of jail and there money problems go away. This made the book sad for me and i was looking more for a happy book. Overall i liked the book and it was a pretty decent read.

ps. This day sucks.


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  1. First off i love you. Stay strong man. Yeah he deserves to have his dad back in his life. I couldn't imagine life without my dad.


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